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Conceptualising a Brand for Social Media Marketing – The Story of Burger Mafia

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Image of a burger in a black background with text

The founders of Burger Mafia came to Echt Social looking for a social media partner that could help them in creating a brand identity for their delicious burgers. This was right after Sri Lanka lifted its curfew after the first wave of Covid-19 and brands were looking to differentiate themselves on social media.

The brief given to aid us in conceptualising the brand direction was they wanted something unique and something to get people to talk about. We helped Burger Mafia by;

  • Conceptualising their mafia-themed brand identity

  • Developing a unique brand voice and personality using gangster lingo

  • A gangster / mafia-themed visual aesthetic was created inspired by movies such as The Godfather and Untouchables.

The designs for Burger Mafia are all about attitude.

From the confident font to the aggressive coloured burgers in monochrome backgrounds, everything about the look of Burger Mafia says “we’re not playing around.”

What we wanted to communicate to the viewer/customer was that Burger Mafia was a new player in the game, and they’re coming in hot. By doing so, we were able to help the brand create a unique selling proposition that set them apart from their competition.

Our mafia-themed visuals and captions enticed the audience to be a part of the hype and trying out these delicious burgers. The Burger Mafia Instagram page was structured to have a series of product images, mafia-themed quotes and images of favourite scene's from famous Mafia-based movies to set the aesthetic of the brand. The black and white theme with the large text grid layout proved to work in reaching it's target audience and build the engagement we hoped for the brand.

Screenshot of an IG post of Burger Mafia

But we wanted to take it a little further! Burger Mafia and Echt Social ensured the brand's unique lingo was carried forward even when addressing customers via DM’s, phone calls, and the packaging itself.

Want to know more about how a social media agency can help you create the buzz you need for your brand? Speak to us and we'll be happy to give you all the support and inside scoop you need!

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